1.07 Attitude, Opinion and Community Value Studies

1.09 Location Studies

1.10 Traffic Studies

3.01 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Rural Generally Free Access Highway Design

3.02 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane with Curb and Gutter Generally Free Access Highways Design Including Storm Sewers

3.03 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Widening and Reconstruction, with Curb and Gutter and Storm Sewers in Heavily Developed Commercial, Industrial and Residential Urban Areas

3.06 Traffic Operations Studies

3.07 Traffic Operations Design

3.10 Utility Coordination

3.12 Hydraulic and Hydrological Studies (Roadway)

3.13 Facilities for Bicycles and Pedestrians

8.01 Construction Supervision

9.01 Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control and Comprehensive Monitoring Program

9.02 Rainfall and Runoff Reporting

9.03 Field Inspections for Compliance of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Devices Installations