Planning Phase

  • Development of Capital Improvement Plans (CIP).
  • Preliminary estimates and schedules for all phases (planning, engineering, construction, and operation and maintenance) of infrastructure systems.
  • Infrastructure asset management.
  • Life-cycle assessment and analysis management.
  • Program management.
  • Infrastructure planning and budgeting.
  • Development of stormwater programs.
  • Infrastructure statistical and optimization analysis.
  • Infrastructure research and development.
  • Stormwater system analysis using SWMM 5.0, HEC-HMS, and HEC-RAS.
  • Stormwater program assessments.
  • Public Works organization structuring and restructuring.  

  Design Phase:

  • Project management.
  • Detailed project cost estimating.
  • Detailed project scheduling (CPM method).
  • Development of soil and erosion control plans for individual projects.
  • Review of public and private civil infrastructure studies and plans (i.e., storm, sanitary, street/roadway).
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting and reporting.
  • Street, roadway, and storm system design and construction plan production.
  • Construction stage planning.


 Construction Phase:

  • Soil and erosion control site/project inspections, analysis, sampling, testing, and solutions.
  • Development of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).
  • Construction management services (i.e., CPM scheduling, detailed construction estimating services, material scheduling, construction tracking analysis, and value engineering).
  • Field engineering and solution services.
  • Infrastructure construction monitoring and inspection services.
  • Rainfall and runoff reporting. 
  • Placement and analysis of soil and erosion control Best Management Practice (BMPs) for construction projects (i.e., silt fences, riprap, check dam, waddles).
  • Constructability review and analysis. 
  • Bridge and culvert construction.
  • Stormwater related construction.  

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 Operation & Maintenance Phase:

  • Infrastructure maintenance management (developing maintenance optimization models, resource leveling, planning, scheduling and budgeting for DOTs, municipalities, and private companies).
  • Analysis, placement, and observation of post construction stormwater BMPs. 
  • Rights-of-Way and easements vegetation control management.
  • Disaster/emergency management services.